Wedding Planning And The Check-list – Remember The Fun Factor

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wedding planning fun lookPlan good entertainment for the wedding

Weddings follow long traditions in General. Tradition and a certain conservatism is needed today so you ever marry. There are modern trends in weddings as well. They relate to the clothes, hairstyles and wedding decoration.

For your wedding you must also plan the opening dance

wedding plan spells fun wedding dance image

Modern trends relate also to the kind of celebration. Entertainment is what makes this event so special. Ultimately you prepared long time at the wedding. They want that this day is memorable – for the couple, the family and their friends.

Reinterpret old customs

wedding plan bride kidnap need

Good entertainment “fills” the time and makes sure that we somehow longer feel the Festival than it is actually.

Provide a good entertainment

wedding aplanen fun dj

Representation of special moments from your life

Prepare a funny representation of all interesting life events you (with) have experienced prior to the marriage. That can be done short funny scenes in the form of images, or even as a puzzle game organized. Friends with acting talent often are the best entertainers to take over this task. In case of doubt, you put on a professional moderator.

Personalize gifts

wedding plan dance shoes dance which spoon

Special wedding dance

Make something special out of the wedding dance. A surprising song from the folklore, some humorous… You have such a wide range of possibilities, if you plan this moment of the wedding. From the wedding dance, you can do something special with the help of modern effects.

Jokes are very important

wedding planning wedding portrait emotikon

Gifts for the guests

wedding planning fun gifts from the bride and groomDie gifts

The happy life together is a mutual exchange of give and take. Show friends and relatives during the wedding that you have understood this principle. Gifts should be surprising and unique. The ideas are many – a bottle of good wine with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Homemade gifts to arrive very well! Give your imagination a free rein.

Gift registry set up

wedding planning fun gift registry

MIME artist

wedding planning fun signs with sayings candy of pantomim artist

or book a magician

wedding plan silent disco fun Wizard

Take the initiative in various forms

wedding dance shoes plan

Modern wedding gifts are the different seasons have been adapted.

Live vocals always ensures a good mood

wedding planning fun wedding song

A portrait for each guest

wedding planning fun signs with sayings candy cartoons

The guests have silent party

wedding planning fun silent disco party

Small children awarded the party still an innocent and honest touch

wedding planning fun visitors kids games cute sayings

Filler for the important moments

wedding dance shoes of the kulli plan

Sing to

Not only dancing, but singing to something your guests. Maybe then someone from your guests takes the initiative and continues.

Indirectly refer to the “rules of the game”

wedding planning fun signs with sayings

Motto-wedding party

wedding planning wedding motto

Animation for the guests

wedding planning fun signs with sayings

Dancing and singing is more important than you think

c# wedding planning dance shoes dance the children

Games for the guests to organize or think of

wedding planning fun sayings visitors games guests

Get a jukebox, so that the DJ can sometimes take a break

wedding planning fun jukebox

Kids at the wedding

Children provide restlessness on the wedding. That can be viewed as an opportunity. You can dance something or audition. So they enjoy faster and there is more peace, if you really need it – in the later evening hours for example.

Candy gives pleasure for young and old

as schedule I a wedding fun candy signs with sayings

Colorful candy and colorful emotions

as schedule I a wedding fun candy signs with sayings at night

Leave love messages

such as schedule I a wedding fun sayings

Photo scenario

such as schedule I a wedding fun sayings photo corner

Leave space for Improvisierungen

The wedding planning is important. The spontaneity must not remain on the line. Leave enough period also if you are planning your wedding reception entertainment.

The not planned actions are the best

like plane I choose a wedding location

Audition instead of vosprechen

as schedule I a wedding fun kareoke silent disco

A marching band will remain forever in the memories

as schedule I a wedding fun sayings guest visitors play tatu tataa

Let it RIP and enjoy every moment

how do I plan a wedding surprises good program

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