What Is A Free Wedding Ceremony?

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Free wedding: facts, benefits and tips

Isn’t it great that we can marry for love these days? All free… This fact was used not only impossible, but even immemorial. It is also still in many countries around the world. The free wedding is actually a fairly new phenomenon that exists only for nearly three decades as such. At first glance, it seems to be somehow contradictory. How to do wedding, but then still free? Yes, a free wedding is just really… free! Free of stereotypes, conventions, dogmas and belief. The only thing that matters, is the pair of lovers and the intimate relationship of the two partners.

For whom is a free wedding in question?

In first place is then to recommend the free wedding, if future spouses who do not want or not to to be married in the Church. It could be that one or both partners of before time got married or joined one other denomination, not to mention a same-sex wedding. In such cases, at least the Catholic Church allows no religious marriage. There only the option for an alternative wedding vows, a free wedding ceremony remains flat.

Free wedding according to your own ideas

abutment groom kissing bride

Where can a free wedding ceremony take place?

Virtually anywhere. Here are no limits to the imagination. You could in your own garden in the closest family circle, on a boat with your best friends, a romantic beach at sunset or why also not in a mysterious mountain cave with freakish crystals and stalactites are married.

It is important, where the lovers feel the best. What is the specific place for the love affair? Maybe the lovers connect with common memories and interests this place or maybe the environment is a symbol for the hopeful future. Can all ahead think about rest and prepare.

Romantic wedding ceremony on the beach

Beach wedding roses bow flower decoration ocean

Who helps with the preparation and the actual implementation?

Especially free theologians and the so-called wedding speakers are the persons who conduct a free wedding ceremony in the way. One must always consider that free theologians are not pastors, but freelancers. As an independent service provider, these are organized in an own free work community. Please visit www.freie-theologen.de for more information about, as well as a wide selection of free theologians.

In an empathic manner your personal marriage ceremony help you free theologians and theologians as well as wedding speakers. Through words, gestures and rituals, enrich these experts in terms of free wedding every marriage and turn them into an unforgettable experience for the couple and guests.

Experience your wedding in a unique way

free wedding at beach sand sea

What preparation needs a free wedding ceremony?

In principle two preparatory meetings be sufficient with the selected expert to discuss all details about the end of the marriage ceremony. While the entrusted free theologian or wedding speaker meets better the couple. He or she informs about the history of the relationship. Where and how the future spouses have met. The two have what in common. What are the future plans and dreams are priority and what belief closer to bride and groom.

Important: Of course, you must bear in mind that a free wedding unfortunately not eliminates the visit to the Registry Office of regulatory and legal perspective. However the civil marriage ceremony may be how unromantic and bureaucratic, it has undoubtedly their very clear advantages and conditions that should consider each married couple personally.

Love is all that matters!

Kiss the box


If you decide for a free wedding consult theologians and theologians as well as wedding speakers in advance after experienced free from your region and discuss with them the whole process of your wedding ceremony. Choose the correct time and the best place for it. The trust experts will assist you in everything and help keep your marriage vows in the deepest and most unique way for you in memory.

Because, when pronouncing of vows, when also the wedding ring on the hand, everything must be just!

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Real partners need no legal standards

woman and man in free wedding

Real wedding – without conditions and faith nationality

bride and groom share a kiss in the corn field

Select your special wedding venue!

lovers at Beach

Rely on simple elegance and affection!

free wedding hochzeitsdeko with flowers

Sometimes the simplest things are the best

home-made cake for the free wedding

Just let himself fall!

wedding at beach with roses bow bridal bride and groom

Natural beauty and true love go hand in hand

Wedding celebration in the free bride with flowers

Are there just for each other!

lovers outdoors at sunset

Hooray for love, a celebration of the free wedding!

love symbol with hands sky clouds Sun

partnership through free wedding in nature

Champagne in glasses at sunset

Beach wedding free oceanfront wedding

Older couple has free wedding at Beach

Beach wedding with colourful fabrics and flowers

delicate flowers for wedding decoration outdoors

two antique keys and resin on the wooden table

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