When To Celebrate The Diamond Wedding Anniversary -?

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diamond wedding decoration wedding anniversary gift ideas

Each time more beautiful: the anniversary and the anniversary

Do you know the shirts with the bride and groom figurines and the inscription “Game Over”?

No, the game is with the wedding not to end! It begins just right! Many people with experience of marriage, will confirm no matter whether positive or negative, that. Every new day, every new year is a new beginning and a new victory. To explain no matter whether one of the two spouses or the couple as such for winners, the fight for no is easy. What we want to say is that the celebrations of the wedding anniversary or just the wedding date each time more and more worth.

Diamond wedding – the dream of the spouses

diamond wedding rings gold anniversary wedding days

This is also a good occasion to time to gather family and friends again with friends. You agree with us? Do you know which events the tradition to celebrate there? Below you can find our list.

Here you will find some nice ideas for your wedding day as a couple.

A year – paper wedding

It sounds simple and it is also meant. The celebrations seem to be just over. There is the usual everyday life.

The wedding day is called in the second, third, fourth year, each cotton, leather, and silk wedding.

Tinker loving wedding gifts

diamond wedding DIY gift ideas paper heart Garland

Five years, wooden wedding

After five years, everything is pretty safe and solid. To demonstrate this, bride and groom Exchange various wooden objects.

This is followed by the sugar – and the Zinnerne wedding. The latter is interesting because it is celebrated at 6.5 years.

In the seventh, eighth and ninth year, we celebrate the copper, the tinny, and the ceramic wedding.

Very suitable for wooden wedding

diamond wedding decoration wood heart wooden wedding gift idea

10 years – roses wedding

Let’s start with the first wedding anniversary. On this day, it invites the groomsmen and other important guests. You see this beautiful day again thanks to memories.

The innocence of pink roses

diamond wedding decoration gifts roses

20 years – porcelain weddings

The next Jubilee is called the China wedding. She will be held for a new phase. A new porcelain Dinnerware set is given to the couple as a symbol of the new efforts and the fresh energy.

Small gesture for the great love

diamond wedding anniversary celebrations

30 years – pearls wedding

The thirtieth wedding anniversary is called the pearls wedding. Why of this name? One associates it with a chain of beads which make up the years. You make a beautiful, noble experience together.

40 years – Ruby wedding

The Ruby wedding is known as Emerald wedding. Note: According to some traditions, the Emerald wedding at the 36th year is celebrated. Both are right, depending on which tradition you follow. This anniversary is a very special tradition. It engages golden rings with Ruby stones.

Find the perfect wedding cake

diamond wedding anniversary cake

50 years – Golden wedding

The most eagerly awaited wedding anniversary comes after 50 years of marriage life. It’s the golden wedding. She deserves her name. There are but 50 years of marriage with same people! Symbolically, a second wedding ceremony will be held.

You exchanging gold jewellery.

And we are to love shiny gold things like for example these coffee cups from amazon.co.uk

60 years – diamond wedding

This anniversary is used as an occasion for new rings again. This time, they must have a diamond.

Wonderful gift ideas for the diamond wedding on DaWanda.

diamond wedding decoration celebration garden party

70 years – grace wedding

Yes, some people celebrate even a 70 – and 75 – years anniversary. These are the graces and the high jewel wedding.

There is also the 80th, 85th, 90th, and 100th anniversary. They are called each oak, Angel -, marble and sky wedding.

Make cute origami hearts for the paper wedding itself

diamond wedding decoration paper wedding ceremonies wedding days

Romantic moments for every wedding day

diamond wedding decoration hotel room

What really counts is the genuine partnership in the life

diamond wedding anniversary celebrations anniversary

Pastel colors and vintage motifs for the perfect wedding party in the retro style

diamond wedding decoration wedding cake pastel Rosa Retro Vintage

Pure silver and white roses symbolize the loyalty and trust in love

diamond wedding decoration white roses silver wedding rings

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