109 Wedding Photos Ideas: More inspiration and creativity for your greatest day!

The big day is approaching more and more and you already feel the sweet excitement with every cell of your body. Yes, the wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events in life for many people worldwide, apart from religion, nationality and ethnic background. And perhaps for this reason, wedding couples usually want to immortalize their unique moments with many photos. Of course, nowadays the possibilities for technical reasons are countless, and you can print the images not only on paper or canvas, but also store them on many digital data media and share them in the social media.

Of course you should A professional wedding photographer , If you get the perfect photo stretch and do not want to compromise. Experienced photographers will guide you through the photoshooting and showcase every little detail that is important to you. We would like to support you, of course, and have put together a great collection of 109 wedding photo ideas for you. Take a look at them and be inspired!

Wedding photos Ideas that you should definitely show your wedding photographer

Confetti wedding photo bride couple in front of church

Bring the bouquet to the stage

Let us start with one of the most important symbols of a wedding – the bridal bouquet. He is the fresh, flowery jewelery of every bride par excellence. And although this is not always the focus, he is still very much attention given, at the latest at bridal bouquet throw.

For wedding photos, therefore, the Bouquet very original and romantic To set in motion. Depending on location, atmosphere and personal taste, beautiful wedding pictures are created that carry feelings and memories in a subtle way.

Play with focus and sharpness

Bride wedding bouquet wedding pictures ideas couple

Wedding symbol: wedding rings

The own wedding rings – placed on a white, lace-decorated pillow or directly on the bridal bouquet are another very popular motif for wedding photos. The rings can of course also be taken with the hands of the bride and groom or together with the elegant champagne glasses. There are no clear rules. Everything is left to your wishes and imagination as well as the experience and the creativity of the wedding photographer.

Bridal bouquet and wedding rings as a photo motif

Bridal bouquet with roses

The romance outdoors

The nature and the fresh air also do photos well. On the beach, in the woods, on a picturesque lake or simply on a bench in the park – it looks more romantic and beautiful. You can capture the wind in the outdoors, integrate the snow as a backdrop, or celebrate the sunset. Depending on the environment and the season, the most original ideas can be realized and unique images can be created.

Reflect the intimate relationship of the bride and groom

Vintage wedding photo ideas couple in forest swing

Uncompetence despite staging

Our favorites among the wedding images, however, remain these, which look quite casual, although they were staged by the photographer just as the others. These are used to tell stories or to communicate feelings. You often even get goose bumps when watching such wedding photos and would like to linger longer at the moment of viewing.

Like, for example… walking barefoot

Barefoot, running, idea, bridge, bride, groom

What kind of photos are you actually? Which wedding photos ideas do you like best? Do you like it quite conventionally or do you prefer spontaneous ideas? Get more inspiration from our collection and trust your intuition and, above all, the butterflies in the belly!

The editorial team wishes you lots of fun!

Image source: Pixabay.com CCO, Public Domain

Fresh flowers, white veil and rose petals

Bride and groom in front of the church

Capture the incomparable beauty of the sunset

Bride couple wedding pictures idea sunset terrace city panorama

Red and white roses remain simply timeless classics

Bride and groom with flowers and bridal bouquet

Beach wedding is among the most popular ever

Bridal bouquet beach wedding couple

Wedding in thailand beach wedding pictures ideas bride couple

But also forest, park or the own garden are hotly coveted wedding scenes

Gaba 1874654 1280

Autumn wedding wedding pictures ideas in the bride couple

Bride and groom on a tree in the forest wedding picture idea

Wedding pictures happy wedding couple wedding celebration

Many wedding couples also prefer their favorite places as a location for photoshooting

Bride and groom 768594_1280

Or the favorite panorama…

Wedding pictures ideas couple in the field at sunset

Artistic production of the bride and groom with a professional touch

Wedding photos ideas bride groom on the wooden floor

Capture the magic of the moment

Bride and groom from above taken hochzetis photo ideas

Create magical moments

Bride couple wedding photo idea on the bridge brau bridegroom roses bouquet

Play the photo more dynamically

Bride, groom, bride, groom

Sports 1482019 1280

Or do you prefer the fabulous atmosphere?

Bride couple pavilion wedding pictures ideas summer wedding white doves

Bride groom 845730_1280

Spring ideas ideas ideas table decoration flower plants

Wedding photos spring ideas bride and groom kiss

Gaba 1874655 1280

Wedding photo ideas bride white black swans

Just dive into the sweet anticipation of your big day!

Bride and groom wedding photo shoot in park bride groom

Bride and groom

Bride and groom hands

On a pillow

Rather summer wedding bride and groom

Bride with beautiful flowers

Couple with hands

Bride groom 621634 1280

Bride and groom in the summer field

Couple 260899_1280

Couple 1850073 1280

Bride and groom at the sea wedding photo

Couple 2162950_1280

Bridal bouquet and silver bracelets

Bouquet of roses

Ice cube heart shape and verminge

Spring wedding ideas wedding pictures wedding bride

Hands 376815 1280

Henna 691901 1280

Wedding photo idea in the forest on the old railroad bridal couple

Wedding pictures ideas bride and groom at wedding table summer wedding

Wedding pictures ideas bride and groom on a bench bride bouquet

Wedding pictures ideas bride and groom bridal bouquet

Groom with gray suit and fly

Wedding pictures ideas professional make bridal bouquet couple

Wedding decoration ideas summer wedding wedding celebration

Wedding photos ideas bride and groom bridal couple

Wedding photo ideas couple couple bride heart with hands

Wedding photos ideas with peonies on the beach

Wedding parade on a car

Bride and groom 1339009_1280

Groom with suit and flowers

Wedding pair with sneackers sports shoes

Wedding shoes bride and groom

Wedding table decoration flower glasses vintage

Wedding storte gold with white orchids

Wedding picture wedding idea

Wedding cake with raspberries and nuts

Lavender fields wedding pictures ideas summer wedding bride groom

Maldives 698501_1280

Oldtimer bridal couple wedding photos ideas to imitate

Oldtimer bride bouquet wedding pictures ideas summer

Rose petals 693570 1280

Red orange wedding anniversary wedding pictures summer

Beautiful pictures wedding table decoration wedding dress vintage wedding dress

Beautiful bride sitting on the meadow in the forest

Groom 1578188 1280

Black white wedding photos make bridal couple bridge

Summer flowers bouquet and bride

Summer wedding couple in sunflower field

Sunset couple wedding photo idea

Stylish wedding photos ideas wedding couple wedding photographers

Beach wedding bridal couple spring at beach summer hochzeti wedding photo idea

Beach wedding wedding pictures ideas to imitate

Vintage wedding wedding photos idea bride bouquet bridal dress couple

Vintage wedding wedding pictures ideas summer wedding

Vintage wedding photo wedding couple at wedding table

Wedding photography wedding photography ideas for the summer

Vw vintage wedding photos ideas couple

Wedding 256853 1280

Wedding 443600 1280

Wedding 806315 1280

Wedding 808958 1280

Wedding 977076 1280

Wedding 1096370 1280

Wedding 1183270 1280

Wedding 1183271 1280

Wedding 1183273 1280

Wedding 1183293 1280

Wedding 1183294 1280

Wedding 1209729 1280

Wedding 1238432 1280

Wedding 1255520 1280

Wedding 1578191 1920

Wedding 1578196 1280

Wedding 1594957 1280

Beach wedding flower decoration couple on the beach

Wedding picture idea in the forest bride and groom black and white

Wedding 2148881 1280

White pillow top and ruffle

Winter wedding photo wedding ideas couple

Winter wedding wedding photos idea in the forest snow couple