Checklist Wedding – What Should Not Be Missing During The Planning?

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A good entertainment program – No.1 in the checklist for the wedding

Weddings follow long traditions as a rule. Tradition and certain conservatism are now necessary to marry at all. There are also modern trends in weddings. They cover the clothes, hairstyles and wedding decorations and much more.

This is not missing, you need a”checklist wedding”or in other words a good wedding planning, whereby we will gladly support you. There are always small things you should not forget and why the checklist is a must.

You must also plan the opening ceremony for your wedding

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Modern trends Also refer to the type of celebration. Entertainment is what makes this event so special. In the end you prepare yourself for the wedding for a long time. You want this day to be unforgettable – for the couple, for the family and for their friends.

Old customs reinterpreted

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Good entertainment”fills”the time and ensures that we somehow feel the feast longer than it actually is.

Provide a good entertainment

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Presentation of special moment from your life

Prepare a funny account of all the interesting life events that you have experienced before marriage. This can be done in the form of pictures, short funny scenes or even organized as a puzzle game. Friends with an actorial talent are often the best entertainers to take on this task. In case of doubt, please rely on a professional moderator.


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Special wedding dress

Make something special out of the wedding. A surprising song, something from the folklore, something humorous… You have such a wide range of possibilities when you plan this moment of the wedding. From the wedding dance you can make something special with the help of modern effects.

Jokes are very important

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Gifts for the guests

Checklist wedding planning fun gifts from the bride and groom

The gifts

Happy living together is a reciprocal change of giving and taking. Show friends and relatives during the wedding that you have understood this principle. Gifts should be surprising and unique. The ideas are many – a bottle of good wine with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Homemade gifts always come very well! Give your imagination free rein.

Set up professionally

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Mime artist

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Or book a magician

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Take the initiative in various forms

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Modern are wedding gifts, which have been adapted to different seasons.

Live singing always ensures a good party mood

Wedding planning fun wedding singing

A portrait for each guest

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Silent party with guests

Checklist wedding planning fun silent disco party

Small children give the party an innocent and honest note

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Filler for one of the important moments

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Sing something

Do not just dance but sing something to your guests. Perhaps someone of your guests will take the initiative and continue with it.

Indirectly point to the”game rule”

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Motto wedding party

Checklist wedding planning motto wedding

Animation for the guests

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Dancing and singing is more important than you think

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Organize or conceive games for the guests

Checklist wedding planning fun sayings games visitors

Get a jukebox so that the DJ can also take a break

Checklist wedding planning fun jukebox

Children at the wedding

Children on the wedding are worried. This can be seen as an opportunity. You can pre-dance or play. So they are raging faster and there is more peace, if you really need it – in the later evening hours, for example.

Cotton candy is a pleasure for young and old

Checklist wedding fun signs with spruechen sugar candy

Colorful cotton candy and colorful emotions

Checklist wedding fun signs with spruechen zuckerwatte at night

Love messages

Checklist wedding fun sayings


Checklist wedding fun sayings fotoecke

Leave room for improvisations

The good planning of the wedding is important. The spontaneity must not be left behind. Allow enough time for your entertainment program wedding party to plan.

The unplanned actions are the best

Checklist Wedding location select

Singing instead of audition

Checklist wedding fun silent disco karaoke

A marching band remains forever in the memories

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Let it crash and enjoy every moment

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