Wedding Nails: 76 Nail Design Ideas for the fashion-conscious bride

Sometimes the magic hides in the smallest detail. In terms of outfit and appeal, for example, it can be the fingernails. Beautifully maintained nails tell a lot about a person, especially if this person is a woman. Of course all the more important are wedding nails! The future bride should concentrate on this. Depending on style and taste, your fingernails can be converted into beautiful manicures. The important thing is that you like them and you feel comfortable with them.

How today have great news for the most fashionable brides among you who want to get married this year. In fact, The latest nail polish and nail design trends Are simply created for your wedding nails! These are so multifaceted that there is something for every taste.

Nail polish trends 2017

It is first about colors. Nude is very high this year. Raffiness and perfection should always go hand in hand. Many designers have selected Nageldesigns in Nude for their collections on the international fashion week. This way, the new dress creations could be even better expressed – also suitable for wedding nails, which round off the delicate look of the bride in a delicate manner.

Refined wedding nails in Nude

Wedding manicure gold glitter dots flower elements fine nageldesign

Glamor and glamor may also be

In contrast to Nude, this year also show a lot of shine, shimmer and glitter. Nail varnishes such as”Broken Mirror”by Dior or”Vernis In Love Golden Top Coat”by Lancôme show seductive, gold-colored glitter effects and stand for elegant luxury and unique opulence.

Particularly fitting are these accents for wedding nails for brides who are on Royal Chic and want to celebrate your wedding like from 1001 night. Swarovski sparkling stones or other elements such as pearls are also very popular and often preferred. These are immediately the ultimate Eyecatcher, as in the new collection of Balenciaga for example.

Opulent luxury in gold

Wedding nails wedding ideas gold colors glitter gloss

Metal luster is definitely back in fashion

Manicures in metallic high gloss are somewhat more strict and expressive. Again quite in the new season. With a special chrome powder the cool effect is achieved. Depending on personal preference, the nails can then be designed in gold, silver, brass or copper. And do not worry: Elegant wedding nails in metal luster simply look great even to finer point knitters.

Strict elegance in high gloss

Metal luster fingernails wedding ideas

Oval nails are in

The hottest fingernails 2017 are definitely the oval ones. Of course, French nails and pointed nails are timeless classics and can always be preferred. Edges and corners are not so much liked this year. The great men of fashion have said YES to oval, organic forms, and these are then supplemented by geometric patterns and lines.

Oval, organic fingernails for your wedding

Long nails wedding nageldesign strass beads

Last but not least, there is something outside of fashion, taste and design: white wedding nails! These can be created in all possible variations and are never out of place at a wedding in white.

Get inspired by our picture gallery and find your own, very special role model Perfect wedding manicures .

Timeless romance in white

Wedding nails lace flower nail polish rhinestone glitter

White can also be combined with glitter and gold splendidly

Nageldesign beads silver gold white nail polish flowers

White nail polish nageldesign glitter wedding nails ideas

White fingernails nail polish perleffect

White nails for wedding chevron pattern rhinestones

Have fun looking and wondering!

Manicure for wedding fingernails white nail polish

White wedding nails stylishly elegant wedding decoration

White nageldesign nails nails wedding nails glitter stripes

Delicate wedding nails manicure nude white glitter

Wedding nails pictures nageldesign ideas rhinestones beads

Wedding manicure-floral-motif-french-nails-for-wedding

Floral motifs with nail polish and small gold pearls wedding

Nageldesign with glittering stones for wedding


Fine wedding nails designs glitter

Fingernails wedding nageldesign ideas glitter beads

Pink nails design for wedding

Gel nails elegant nail art for wedding rhinestones flowers gold glitter

Nails for wedding modern nageldesign flower glitter

Gelnagel wedding red nail polish rhinestone glitter

Geometric pattern nude wedding nails elegant

Glitter beaded flowers white nail polish manicure for wedding

Glitter white nageldesign nails for wedding

Glitter gelnägel wedding nails ideas long nails

Glitter gold stripe flower motifs wedding nails

Glittery nails wedding nails white silver

Glittering nageldesign for wedding long wedding nails

Glitter wedding nails gelnägel white nail polish geometric patterns

Sparkling french nails

Sparkling ideas for wedding nails gelnägel

Glitter nageldesign for wedding transparent nail polish

Sparkling stone bristles wedding nails ideas

Gold luster nageldesign wedding flower motif manicure long nails

Gold shimmering nails wedding fingernails

Gray wedding nails nail polish heart streaks

Gray nail polish sparkle wedding nails ideas

Wedding nageldesign nail polish and glitter

Wedding nails design ideas strass stones glitter flower beads

Wedding nails gold glitter lace nails

Wedding nails ideas white nails flowers motiv

Wedding nails manicure ideas silver dots glitter flowers

Wedding nails ideas bride groom

Fingernails for wedding nail polish metal beads

Long wedding nails design ideas strass stones pearls

Chic wedding nails gelnägel ideas red gold glitter rhinestones

Nails ideas for wedding bride groom motif rhinestones nail polish

Gelnägel ideas wedding nails nageldesign

Sparkling wedding 2017 trends black nail polish wedding nails

Sparkling gold glitter flower pattern rhinestone fingernails wedding

Sparkler nageldesign trends 2017 wedding

Gold glitter rhinestones wedding nail ideas

Purple glitter rhinestones nails wedding nageldesign

Manicure wedding white nail polish silver strip glitter nageldesign

Metal luster purple white wedding nails ideas fingernails

Nageldesign for wedding red white lace rhinestones

Nageldesign glitter wedding nails ideas nail polish

Nageldesign wedding nails idea glitter

Nageldesign wedding gold silver straps rhinestones

Rhinestones white nail polish nageldesign wedding

Nageldesign ideas wedding dots gold nail polish

Nageldesign with gold-lined white nail polish gold key

Pastel colors fingernails gelnagel nail polish shellac wedding

Pearls, fingernails, nails, wedding, gilding

Lace decoration nails ideas flower rhinestones

Pearl sparkling white nail polish wedding

Pink nails wedding nails ideas strass stones glitter

Shimmer chrome powder oval fingernails wedding

Simple wedding nails ideas small pearls

Stylish wedding nails light gray rhinestones

Silver fingernails rhinestones elegant nageldesign

Oval fingernails nude rhinestone lace pattern

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