Dresses For Wedding Guests: Men’s Fashion At Wedding Parties

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Men have it at the wedding easier than women. Especially when they are guests at the party. Often classic dresses for wedding guests are called for. It is all the more embarrassing when someone is wrong. The following instructions are intended to warn you against such a situation. As a rule, the invitation contains enough information for the guests’ wedding dresses. There is sometimes a motto or a theme. In addition, the level of formality is determined. Among the most frequently represented possibilities are White tie, Black tie, Smart casual, Cocktail ,

Sometimes there are also very specific details regarding clothing. They relate to the type (such as tuxedos or suits), as well as the accessories (e.g., bow tie or tie). Also matching colors could be listed.

Most of the time, you still choose the formal look at weddings

Blue and violet accessories

If all this is not in writing, proceed from the generally accepted standards. They focus on the location and time of the wedding. In the following we describe Some typical situations And the appropriate dresses for wedding guests.

Dresses for wedding guests at an informal daytime

The location is usually elegant, but not too demanding.

Here, you also have the greatest creative freedom as a man. The suits may be light and colored. This also applies to shirts. Patterns also go. Everything must be discreet and neutral. Pastel colors would be ideal.

You also have a lot of room to choose the length of the sleeves and accessories.

This applies equally to women and men, so that the bride and groom is not pushed into the background.

Accompany a lady, you must match your looks


Informal evening

Here you are essential Less freedom of action , The men’s suit must be dark, but by no means black. Dark blue, gray, brown are good possibilities. You can deal with the shirts more creatively. They can show subtle colors and patterns. The suit is a must. The jacket and shirt have long sleeves. You can use the accessories more easily. The tie is, for example, not a must in this case.

Blue and traditional cut – often chosen for wedding guests’ dresses

Traditional suit

Formal daytime

For this you need a suit and a shirt with long sleeves. Stick to the brighter color palette. A great possibility would be the pastel colors like green, blue, gray. You can also wear a vest at winter weddings. Do not do this however at the summer celebrations. The tie is obligatory.

Sometimes the dress code is determined by a theme or an old tradition

Thematic suits

The formal evening time

Finally we will deal with the outfit for the formal evening time. The most elegant suits are right here. In certain cases the tuxedo also goes. However, you should be well informed about the level of formality. The dark colors fit well. Even a black suit would go. However, we would advise you to opt for another dark shade. Black-and-white outfit, both in women and men, is simply too often connected with business occasions. And here you are finally at a celebration.

The elegant and well selected accessories are suitable for formal evening weddings.

Comfort and solemnity

Do not forget the main idea when it comes to dresses for wedding guests: they must contribute to the festive character of the celebration. In addition, this festival must look like the bride and groom will be. In concrete terms, it means that you keep to the given direction. Furthermore, you should look one or two steps more modest than the groom. Always rely on the stylish and reserved looks, you almost certainly do everything right.

Prefer to take dark gray as black

Both in black very suitable

The guests are usually more informal than the groom

A vest formal

Bring change through the accessories

Uniform look succeeded

Vest in beige or black will always enhance the look

formal-up evening wedding

Beige, blue, gray – all modern and sophisticated variants


Clothes for wedding guests: Too strict dresscode is not your thing? Refresh by a flower.

light beige and white ideal

Dresses for wedding guests: Smart casual can be quite different

Wedding outfit various smart casual

Perfectly paired: formality and freedom in dress code. Really modern and sympathetic!


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