Attractive And Stylish Staircase Design – Cantilever Stairs

Staircases… An important part of the interior design which nowadays belongs to modern architecture. The large selection of materials offers an attractive alternative with creative character, a universal solution for any interior design.

The attractiveness of the steps ensures a modern interior design


Cantilever staircases are considered a luxurious interior, which is offered in a wide variety of materials. According to statistics, the interest is for this type of staircase design In the last few years. The reason for this is, above all, the attractive appearance, since the design is without visible fastening elements.

For the furniture, the design is always the focus. For this reason, there are different variants and material selection available.

Step by step to a dreamlike design


Among the most popular designs are the cantilever stairs made of wood and with angular steps. This version is also suitable for public and commercial stairs, because they give a natural look. Extravagant variants such as the stairs Made of acrylic and concrete are more suitable for private households. The acrylic steps can be combined perfectly with an appropriate lighting, because the colored reflections ensure a comfortable feel-good oasis.

The cantilever stairs are one of the best stairs


How to mount the cantilever stairs

First of all, the height of the floor is calculated and then a clear sketch is created, which is rich in information and very detailed, because these types of constructions are not easy self-assembly. In addition to the height you have to calculate the exact slope and depth of the tread very well, and also note the sketch in the sketch. The stairs are only ordered if you have a clear plan for the construction. With the order, supplied templates will be available, which serve as a marking for the drill holes. The stencils should be fastened correctly and correspond to the previously determined dimensions. As an attachment, you can use an adhesive tape that can hold the stencils stable during drilling.

As a rule, only two drill holes are enough to stabilize the cantilever stairs. After drilling, it is particularly important to remove the drill material from the drill holes. It is only when the metal construction is finished that you can put the wood out. Before assembly of each step a side cut is required, which must be assembled with the metal construction.

Stability and creativity in one


Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions as the products have different tips, such as the curing time and the design procedure. Our editorial team has selected the best ideas for this type of staircase design that is necessary for your inspiration. Have fun browsing through the following picture gallery!








Kragarmtreppe-out concrete




Kragarmtreppe-led lighting


Kragarmtreppe-natural wood

Attractive and stylish staircase design - cantilever stairs



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