Maritim Set Up – 30 Fresh Ideas For Your Interior In A Beach Look

Want to set up your maritime apartment? Are you interested in a long-term holiday? Look at these fresh interior ideas and get the sea home.

The maritime furnishing style is very popular with many designers and can be used all year round. It radiates a summery lightness and spreads a breath of sea breezes, which give you relaxation and a joy of life. So remember all the wonderful beach holidays and unforgettable experiences. The main materials are wood, linen, rattan, jute and cotton and the colors – navy blue, sand, white and coral. Neutral shades and wood nuances are a welcome addition and as accents sun and orange are preferred.

Setting up maritime – what do you have to consider?

  1. Take the shades from nature – sand, sea fires, mussels
  2. Think sustainable and environmentally friendly
  3. Charge more daylight home
  4. Do not leave kitsch

Stylish living room in navy blue and white

Maritim furnishing sisal carpet wide striped armchairs

Setting up a marina does not mean an overload with beach footage collected during long sea walks. It is much more about a balance and tasteful decor with style. Subtle or extravagant, shabby chic or vintage – you decide for yourself. Below you will find an incredible collection of chic interior designs in the beach look.

Look carefully! how is it done?

Maritimes bedroom in Asian style – photo Mark Lohman

Maritim set up bamboo double bed and light blue bed bench

You know that nature is the best painter. They can rely entirely on them. Peacefully insert marine colors. It is best to use white as a background, but beige and sand are a great alternative.

Delicate sea shots and gorgeous views

Maritim furnishing batik style carpet mirror commode

If you want to introduce more dynamism and warmth into your maritime interior, then you dare to use a few red accents. Plush is perfect as furniture upholstery and gives the room a cozy flair.

Warm, coral accents spread warmth DKOR Interiors

Maritim furnishing coral pillow open ceiling beams

Shabby chic in bright white and blue sky

Maritim set up white background striped accent pillow

Always remember which materials and fabrics you use. Where do they come from and how are they produced? Prevent harmless products from sustainable cultivation. Be aware of the FSC certification for wood and buy it consciously.

Never forget”Little is often more”. Stay always in the stylish area and do not leave the Kitsch under any circumstances! Decorate with heart and soul, but remember that in nature unity exists in diversity and everything has its particular place. Setting up maritime is to act according to the laws of nature.

Sky bed in natural look

Maritime set ceiling fan wall mirror stylized sun

Interior in absolute harmony with the surroundings

Maritim set up white shutters in white

Fresh orange accents have an encouraging effect

Maritim furnishing fireplace of natural stone wood-clad ceiling

Maritime comfort in celadon green, turquoise and white

Maritim set up sheep runners in white

Richly patterned in rustic style

Maritimes furnish comfortable rattan armchairs with floral patterned pillows

Turquoise and orange – a perfect duet for maritime design

Maritim furnishing jute carpet colorful felt decoration

Dried roots and driftwood are excellent as decoration

Maritim furnishing glass vases and lampshade in turquoise

Oil on canvas in pastel

Maritim furnishing canvas panels painted with flowers in orange

Maritim meets minimalism

Maritim furnishing minimalist living room with panoramic windows

With a white background, you simply can not do anything wrong

Maritim set up sisalteppich and kirschholz kaffeetisch

Rattan in hazelnut – simple and elegant

Maritimes furnishing round dining tables and rattan chairs

The headboard is reminiscent of beach and surfing

Maritim furnishing geometric pattern carpet teak bed

Braid chairs and soft sofas

Maritim set up white lederotomans as a side table

Maritim furnished dining room in cream

Maritim furnishing rustic dining table and folding chairs made of wood and linen

Stylish combination of maritime and cottage style

Maritim furnishing white high pile carpet bettbank old chestnut

Natural fiber and navy blue

Maritim furnish sand colored seat furniture and window casters

Sustainable ergonomics with a view of the sea

Maritime set up ergonomic rattan chairs

Subtile maritime atmosphere

Maritim furnishing pendelleuchten aus stahl im industriestil

Choose lighter shades for your bedroom

Maritim furnishing white bamb chair retro desk

Driftwood in white stained is perfect for table legs

Maritim furnishing top ceiling and chandelier in baroque style

Plywood Lounge Chair in the maritime bedroom

Maritim furnishing wall painting dog

Symmetry with geometric patterns in navy blue

Maritim furnishing deco cushion with geometric patterns in navy blue

View – shining pendulum lights in industrial style

Maritim furnishing kitchen backdrop with purple tiles and shelf boards

Solid contrast and noble wood

Maritim furnishing oval dining table high gloss

White backdrop and original chandelier

Maritim set up robust metal chandelier
Maritim set up high pile navy blue carpet