The Right Sun Protection – So You Can Protect Your Terrace Optimally

Once the summer is right, the next garden party can start. Cozy conversations tempt you more often to the longer sunbathing. While the next steaks and the vegetables sizzle on the grill, you often forget the time. However, to ensure that no one gets a sun tan or is surprised by a summer storm, there are many ways to equip the terrace with the right sun protection:

  • awning
  • parasols
  • awnings

Properties and characteristics of the various sun protection options

When it comes to the choice of protection, different things should be considered to buy a good quality and a durable product. Check whether the sun protection is dirt, oil and water repellent. Thus putrefaction can be avoided. This is of great importance, especially with fixed sun protection such as sails and awnings. Good materials are, in the best case, tear-resistant, weather-resistant and provided with a good impregnation. This means they have a water-repellent function. For terraces and balcony awnings, where longevity is particularly important, one should therefore be at the very top with a quality supplier Like this one And invest better in quality.

Sun protection summerparty garden outdoormöbel

For the water-repellent fabrics to function optimally, it is important to pay attention to the perfect tilt when assembling. This is the only way to prevent puddles forming in a shower or long-lasting rain. So-called water bags which, due to their weight, result in a load, and thus more easily to tear, are not produced by the optimum application of the protection or tight tensioning. It is also important to allow both sun sails and awnings to dry completely before they are suspended and tidied up or retracted. This prevents the risk of stain formation.

Speaking of mounting: For the sun sails, hooks must be provided on the house wall or on poles so that it can be installed wind and weather proof. Awnings can be installed either on the roof rafter or on the house wall. In addition, you can choose between different systems (cassette, articulated arm and sleeve awning). The installation of a sunshade is very easy and without tools, which only has to be placed in a stand which is either filled with sand or water or with stone slabs ,

Advantages and disadvantages of the different types of sun protection



  • Great flexibility in positioning and the amount of screens
  • High mobility
  • Rapid collapse during thunderstorms
  • Many variations from curved stands to traffic lights


  • Holder or umbrella stand required
  • Caution applies to umbrella stand-> risk of injury
  • Is also in the folded position in the way
  • No high wind stability when using umbrella stands

Sunbathing pool sun umbrella outdoormöbel



  • Very decorative
  • Flexible in the sun angle
  • From the shape very versatile -> square, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid
  • Freestanding to mount or on the wall


  • In severe storms cumbersome or difficult to dismantle
  • The cable tension must be checked permanently
  • Make room for tension cords

Sun protection sunshade awning



  • Simples coiling, with high comfort possible
  • Integration into modern home control systems possible (Smart Home)
  • State-of-the-art electronic drive allows easy and fast retraction in case of bad weather Prevent the fading of garden furniture
  • Is not in the retracted state in the way, but disappears subtly at the house facade
  • High wind resistance class
  • Sleeve and cassette awnings protect the awning fabric from the weather

Sun protection sunbed awning garden furniture terrace


  • Care must be taken to ensure proper installation
  • Caution in energy saving rooms, thermal insulation -> therefore only advised and advised by specialist companies

After thorough weighing, the perfect sun protection should be for everyone. From then on the”fabric heaven”not only offer a few pleasant hours in the sun, but also shield the terrace or the garden from unwanted spectators.